PlayBilling - Opensource Billing Software

PlayBilling is a webbased billing system for internet cafe and wireless hotspot provider mostly written in Java featured with: tariff management, prepaid, postpaid and discounts, user management and extensive reporting system.

Latest News

- PlayBilling version 1.1 released (update 26 March 2006)

Current Features

- Authentication and standard firewall
- HSQL database storage
- Admin and user's control panel


Minimum Required Hardware
- Servers hardware
- Disk freespace for software and data disk at least 30 MB
Minimum Required Software
- Operating System Linux
- Linux Netfilter package (iptables)
- NO Web Server installed, NO application running on port 80 and 8442
- Java SDK (with JAVA_HOME and bin path configured)
- Apache Ant (with ANT_HOME and bin path configured)
Minimum Required Server Operator (or Developer)
- Understand howto install, configure and work with Java SDK and Ant
- Always find reading README, INSTALL and other docs as a fun activity :)


- Control Panel (admin / secret)


- Wiki Pages provided by WiFiRakyat Wiki (Indonesian)
- Discussion Forum provided by WiFiRakyat Forum (Indonesian)


- Get PlayBilling sourcecode from Sourceforge.NET

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